FIBA signs Memorandum of Understanding with Olympafrica Foundation

MIES (Switzerland) - FIBA is delighted to have reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Olympafrica Foundation that will pave the way for thousands of children to benefit across the Continent. 

Founded in 1988, the Olympafrica Foundation aims to spread the Olympic spirit by offering a wide variety of sports and social activities for the benefit of communities in Africa, with a particular focus on its younger population.

Through the power of sport, Olympafrica's programs have had significantly positive impacts and the MOU with FIBA will help to continue and increase those welcome outcomes. Both parties will collaborate across Africa to promote:

  •  Sport and sport education in general, with a strong emphasis on basketball and especially 3x3
  •  Social, economic and personal development through sport, especially for those younger participants
  •  The values and ideals of the Olympic movement
  •  Peace through common sporting interests, activities and cooperation

The MOU will be underpinned by the support of the FIBA's Regional Office in Africa, which will donate basketball equipment to the Olympafrica centers hosting the program. FIBA's support also includes providing coaching, officiating, and training.

Olympafrica already has extensive experience in establishing sports and sports education centers. The program will initially be implemented in 20 centers, with Olympafrica responsible for actively promoting basketball locally by organizing development programs, events and competitions. Olympafrica will also ensure that a minimum of one thousand children under the age of sixteen will participate in each of the centers.

FIBA Africa President Anibal Manave stated: "This Memorandum of Understanding confirms again how important basketball can be to communities and the positive way it can bring people together and help them off the court as well."

He added: "We are very happy to have signed this partnership with Olympafrica, and we are excited to launch the program and see the benefits it produces for the kids who take part."

Meanwhile, FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis commented: "The fact that existing centers run by the Olympafrica Foundation have a track record of success means we are highly confident basketball can now be used even more actively as a lever to secure positive outcomes for young people in Africa." 

Olympafrica President Moustapha Berraf stated: "This agreement is coming at the right time, and it is greatly appreciated. It will help reinforce the already strong attraction that Olympafrica kids have for basketball. 3x3 basketball will definitely be one of the most practiced sports in our network."

Olympafrica's CEO, Alassane Thierno Diack, said: "Olympafrica is very keen to increase access to 3x3 basketball for young girls and boys who regularly use our centers. Lots of our youth are interested in basketball, so we are very pleased that this MOU will do just that - help us use basketball to reach out to more young people and foster their social and personal development."



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