Police arrest dozens of ticketless fans at Champions League final

More than 50 people were arrested at the Champions League final for various attempts at gaining entry to Wembley, London's Metropolitan police said late on Saturday.

The police said it arrested five people for pitch invasion and the "majority of others" for attempts to breach security at the final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.

"Major sporting events often attract attempts by those without tickets to bypass perimeter fencing or otherwise gain entry," a statement by the Met said.

Police arrest dozens of ticketless fans at Champions League final

"There is a robust policing operation in place to support the Wembley security plan and officers have worked closely with stewards and stadium staff to maintain security throughout."

An "overwhelming majority of attempts" were unsuccessful according to the Met.

"Videos shared online showing groups running into entrances do not necessarily represent successful attempts to enter the stadium", the statement added.

Police presence was increased to over 2,000 officers in London on Saturday to deal with multiple protests during the day alongside the Champions League final, where Real Madrid defeated Dortmund 2-0 to win the Champions League for the 15th time.

The authorities were keen to avoid a repeat of the violent scenes that marred the Euro 2020 final three years ago when ticketless fans stormed the turnstiles.


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